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About Playbandit

Playbandit is a site for gamers - by gamers.

As you might have noticed, Playbandit consists of games produced by 3rd party vendors. Playbandit is not related with any of the 3rd party vendors - we just host or link to their games. The true heroes are therefore the game producers and not Playbandit. We do everything we can to put the games and the game producers in the best possible light.

 The site was created by the same people behind OnlineBandit, a multiplayer onlinegaming site that has existed since 1999. Playbandit is maintained by a group of people who love games by heart. Not only does this group of people constantly monitor the internet for new games, the group also translates Playbandit, does editiorial stuff and keeps the debates clean. Without these people Playbandit would be just a plain and ordinary gaming site.

Technically speaking - Playbandit is a so called "Web2.0" site, utilizing technologies like Flash/Flex and Ajax to ensure rich user experience. Everything is built from scratch, but even though Playbandit seems like a VERY simple website, there has been a lot of work put into ensuring a simple, fast and nice looking website. That is not a trivial task!

Playbandit exists in the following languages - English, Danish, Norway, German, Swedish, Spanish, Brazilian, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, , - and is maintained by the following group of people: bösemama1, cenika, coolbelief, eliz@beth, icequeen, ivalalic, josefine, kirsten (edder), kobie, mårris, nablet, Nemesis, nene devil, petzii, semmy, sergiles, sysop, WebGhost, _elegance, - thumbs up guys !


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